Beckman Kinney Telecom Tower Site

Location: Meadow Lakes, CA near Auberry California 42205 Radio Lane Auberry Cal. 93602

Two 250ft. Towers with the west faces on a Fresno, CA. heading
Towers are 40ft. apart, They have a 5ft. face with 4in., sched. 80 a-106b seamless pipe legs with 2 1/2in. X-braces and horizontals. Towers are star guyed at 120ft. and are designed to accept heavy microwave dish loads. Tops of the towers were designed to accept high power broadcast antennas

Tower 1 FCC registration #1219741
Latitude 37-4-18.89N
Longitude 119-25-52.3W

Tower 2 FCC registration #1236889
Latitude 37-4-19.1N
Longitude 119-25-52.5W

AMSL 4693ft.

Building: 3200sq. ft. with approx. 900sq. ft. available
Designed to expand square footage
Floors are 8in. thick reinforced concrete
High ceilings

Electrical: 2000 amp, 480 / 3 phase WYE service

Plenty of room for transformers, heat exchangers, etc. on this 2.8 acre site

Services available:
Engineering for new antennas and existing loads
Antenna and transmission line installation
Microwave installation for dishes and radios
Building permit procurement
Transmitter maintenance - antenna proof
Engineering service for television broadcast and FM broadcast



Common Carrier license for microwave on 6.425 GHz to 6.525 GHz
We can lease microwave paths to our customers to and from this site or state wide.

General engineering license 423668 Class A

Current tenants include:
NBC full power KNSO-TV
Telemundo full power KZMM-TV MTV LPTV
Pacific Bell
Others pending

Call Beckman Kinney at 559-275-4030 or 550-855-8390